My Story

Hello Everyone!

I have only a few words but lots of photos to tell my story to you. That's only natural because that's what I do. I tell life stories through my photography and help you take those special moments with you to eternity.

After graduating from college, instead of applying for a corporate job, I decided to follow my dreams. After working in various fields of visual arts, I founded my own hand-craft goods company, Nanay Design. In the last four years, I am also working as a professional photographer. My passion for photography continued for so many years that it finally turned into a full time job.

My job is my soul mate. Every morning of a photo shooting, when I wake up to the sun, I am covered with the feeling of joy, as I start thinking, planning and designing the moments we are going to capture together for your special day. I think I have the best job in the world.

I love green plums so much so that I can eat a couple of pounds just in one go. If I could have my coffee with a strawberry, it would be enough to make my day. I love traveling the world and learning new things at every moment. I value sharing those beautiful moments with you and telling your story through photos.

My warm regards

Serenay Lökçetin